Birthing a Better Future by Zero2 Expo is a touring art and science exhibition

Hi – I’m Alex and I’m the driving force behind Zero2 Expo’s Birthing a Better Future Art and Science Exhibition which is helping families, parents-to-be, local authorities, politicians and the general public to understand how greater investment of finances, time and love in a child’s wellbeing from the point of conception to age two can really birth a better future for all. 

Inspired by the 1001 Critical Days (the UK’s first cross party Children’s Manifesto), our first exhibition was in Parliament to bring the Manifesto to life for MPs. It attracted 4,000 politicians and staff and was a catalyst for lively, thought provoking conversations and debate and we’ve recently also staged an exhibition at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. Zero2 Expo was formed to continue this important work.

The positive response to these exhibitions encouraged us to develop the initiative further and make plans to take it nationwide. The exhibition shines a spotlight on the importance of these first 1001 days, in an engaging and accessible way that lends itself equally to senior level policy makers and budget holders; local practitioners; and parents themselves.

Our mission is to increase general public awareness of the key issues and importance of these first 1001 critical days and to inspire changes that help to create a world where parents feel supported and every child has the best possible start in life.

The long term project aims to inspire sustainable improvements in the mental and physical health of future generations. Our hope is that it will contribute indirectly to a reduction in public sector spending at other stages of life, as well as improving mental and physical health and reducing behavioural and emotional disorders throughout life.

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This exhibition aims to raise awareness only. Should you find any material upsetting, need more information or support, please seek advice from your GP, a therapist, or other professional, or get in touch for more information.


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Slider Images:

  1. Home page image – Sensuality by ©Alex Florschutz
  2. Red Lotus by ©Alex Florschutz
  3. Parliament exhibition 2016
  4. Parliament exhibition 2016
  5. Mother and Child by ©Richard Ansett