Amanda Greavette

Amanda Greavette is a figure painter who lives and works in Ontario, Canada. She believes art can be a social commentary but also personal and authentic.


The Birth Project Paintings portray pregnancy, birth and motherhood in life-sized oil paintings. These profound life events shape and change identity, sometimes initiating a metamorphosis or refining by fire. This physical, emotional and spiritual awakening is the perfect landscape to explore universal experiences like pain, euphoria, transcendence and the welcoming of new life. Transformation, beauty and power are represented with both struggle and glory.

Each painting is inspired by documentation of a real birth. Some are experienced first hand, some drawn from voluntary storytelling and sharing. A visual narrative is then created that realistically and symbolically represents women’s actual stories. Often heavy with emotion and beauty the images are open-ended in interpretation to encourage a connection with each viewer. Sensuous imagery may trigger the imagination or provoke a personal response, drawing us together in a shared experience from what is typically intimate and private.

Art can bring insight to these deeply meaningful but often underrepresented life events and draw attention to the importance of our amazing beginnings. The Birth Project as a body of work (along with other feminist and birth art) validates the maternal experience and supports empowerment of childbearing women and their families. As a necessary part of the social dialogue and movement that creates positive change for childbearing women, the paintings fill a visual void in birth culture. The arts appeal to our subconscious, imaginations and ‘heart’, and thus are a powerful tool of communication.

The Birth Project began in 2008 after the birth of the artist’s second child. It continues to grow and develop. Social media sharing is a key way in which the Project has been viewed. In addition, Amanda is committed to exhibiting the Birth Project in many contexts so the paintings can be seen in real life, allowing their size, vibrancy and detail to be appreciated. The series can be booked for conferences and events; for rates and information please contact the artist. Prints of the large pieces are also available. Commissions are accepted by the artist.

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Amanda Greavette lives and works in Ontario, Canada. Amanda is a figure painter who believes art can be a social commentary but also personal and authentic. She is busy raising five beautiful children, painting and being active in her community. She lives with her family rurally in a self-built straw bale, off-grid home Amanda is a La Leche League leader and a founding member of ‘Friends of Muskoka Midwives’, one of the few midwifery advocacy consumer groups in Ontario. Amanda loves to attend births for family and friends. She received her BFA at the Ontario College of Art and Design and has exhibited in many solo and group shows.


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