Dr Julie Gerland

Dr Julie Gerland (Holistic Medicines) is a life-long pioneer, advocate and professional in the field of Holistic Parenting: Preconception to Birth & Beyond teaching both couples and professionals.


Dr. Julie Gerland (Hon. Holistic Medicines) is a life-long pioneer, advocate and professional in the field of Holistic Parenting: Preconception to Birth & Beyond teaching both couples and professionals. During the ten years she represented a non-governmental organisation on prenatal education at the United Nations she launched the Global Prenatal Initiative (GPI) and GPI Youth. Julie works tirelessly to raise awareness and empower mothers and fathers, as well as advocating for their support, to give their very best to their child even before he/she is born. A global citizen, she knows it is possible to birth the new humanity one baby at a time and to create a thriving global family.


*Birthing The New Humanity –   Artwork: Simon Hofer (Shutterstock) & Gregory Moulinet

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Birthing The New Humanity


BIRTHING THE NEW HUMANITY – A Mother’s Conversation with her Unborn Baby

By Dr Julie Gerland


It’s possible One Child at a Time! It’s not rocket science, it’s neuroscience!

A Mother’s Conversation with her Unborn Baby

“Little baby growing in my tummy, your father and I know you are conscious, you feel me just as I feel you. We love you so much. We are consciously participating in your development. LIFE is incredibly intelligent. We co-create our amazing bodies and our lives here on earth. These nine-months are setting the foundation for your whole life. We are doing everything possible for you to THRIVE throughout your life.

We are bringing you the nutrients you need to build a healthy body. Trillions of living cells are being created to make up the body that will serve you throughout your lifetime. They will work to keep you healthy at all times. Please love your cells, thank them and do your utmost to support their work to live a healthy life in harmony with Mother Nature.

We know that you need an emotional body too! Please know that you are wanted and unconditionally loved for who you are. You are safe and we will do everything possible to meet your needs for affection, intimacy and protection. We acknowledge your experiences from the moment we conceived you and validate them as uniquely yours. We are here to nurture and give you what you need to feel whole and empowered, to be the loving, kind, warm and affectionate Being you are. You are special and always will be for us. We are here for you and will always serve your highest interest to live a purposeful and loving life. Remember always to love your global family then happiness and fulfilment will be yours.

We know you need a bright mind. We are consciously co-creating one that will serve you to think, to know, to understand and to serve this amazing creation. Your brain will give you the capacity to co-create in harmony with your heart and your will. We hope that you will always serve the highest, most noble interests for yourself, your human family and our planet Earth.

You are a Soul, an integral part of the Universe. The sun, moon and all the planets participate in your Being. You come from the Source of all Life. Live in gratitude, awe and wonder as your incredible journey unfolds. We are proud to be your Mum and Dad.”


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