Joanne Makin
Joanne works in lino print which allows her to create strong spaces of light and dark exploring the often uneasy and contemplative emotions of pregnancy.


Weighed down by advice on diet and exercise, abstinence, with the focus on scans and blood tests we run the risk of neglecting the mental health of the unborn child. Domestic and financial worries, relationship breakdowns, isolation and vulnerability can be experienced by both the mother and father.

Stress hormones like adrenalin produced in the mother are released into the blood affecting both mother and foetus. If left unresolved mental health issues may lead to frustration developing into physical and mental abuse. Consumption of alcohol, nicotine and painkillers as well as illegal drugs can affect the growing foetus tragically leading to addiction problems in the child. Continued stress in the mother can cause hypertension, chronic pain, high blood pressure and erratic breathing culminating in a difficult or premature labour.

A holistic approach combining counselling and education on self-help can prepare both parents physically and mentally for a stress-free birth. With early intervention every child can be given a chance.

Description of artwork

Working in lino print allows me to create strong spaces of light and dark exploring the often uneasy and contemplative emotions of pregnancy.


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