The Early Years – A Window of Opportunity – a Global Art and Science Exhibition



Dear friends and colleagues, 

Birth is our entrance into this world and we live our lives based on the experiences we received via our mother and the environment in those formative years, particularly from conception to early childhood – also known as the first 1000 days.

Globally, pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period are synonymous, regardless of nationality. The time has come to acknowledge and prioritise the following, non mutually exclusive, universal challenges:

To help raise awareness on these and other important issues, Professor Monica Lakhanpaul, Prof. of Integrated Community Child Health, University College London (UCL) in partnership with DBT/ Wellcome Trust India Alliance (India Alliance) and team members have created a Virtual Art & Science Exhibition with panel discussion titled:

The Early Years – A Window of Opportunity
Global Art & Science Exhibition

Launching on 26th March 2021
(with a physical exhibition in India tbc), and further aims to roll out this project across other countries.

For further information and to enter the exhibition launch day, please visit:

The following theme categories we’ve chosen to focus on for our India exhibition contain the foundation themes mentioned above:

Significant evidence has now accumulated on how important these 1000 days are for optimum brain development, an outcome which is most readily achieved through exposure to healthy environments and good relationships. These positive early connections last a lifetime, and are vital in creating successful, happy and healthy adults.

The Early Years will showcase selected artwork and text from the Birthing a Better Future Art & Science Exhibition alongside photographs from the PANChSHEEEL Project, India and will also include artwork collected from Indian rural and urban artists. In addition, we will screen films and hold a panel discussion comprising of distinguished policymakers, researchers, and artists committed to Child, Maternal and Family Health.

Our combined projects emphasise why babies physical, cognitive and emotional health & wellbeing REALLY matters!

“The period from pregnancy to age 3 is when children are most susceptible to environmental influences. Investing in this period is one of the most efficient and effective ways to help eliminate extreme poverty and inequality, boost shared prosperity, and create the human capital needed for economies to diversify and grow.”

(UNICEF, World Bank and World Health Organisation, Nurturing Care Framework)

WE WOULD LOVE YOU TO JOIN OUR Public Engagement PROJECT to help raise awareness on these first 1000 days of a Child’s life.

For further information and to enter the exhibition and panel discussion launch day on the 26th March 2021, please visit:

This exhibition is part of an on-going initiative to encourage the use of the Arts & Film for Public Health engagement.

We really look forward to sharing this important work with you so we can really make a difference in the lives of Children – from conception to early childhood.

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Exhibition Hosted by:

University College London (UCL) and DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance


Project PI: Prof (Dr) Monica Lakhanpaul     

UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, University College London
Twitter: @ProfLakhanpaul   


Project Co-Lead: Dr. Kartik Sharma    
Public Arts Health & Us (PAHUS)   


For further queries please feel free to reach out to:    

UCL:Prof (Dr) Monica   


Project Curator: Alex Florschutz, MA
Zero2 Expo

Exhibition Poster

ARTISTS on the Exhibition Poster Banner:

Hemant Chaturvedi (left)

Alex Florschutz (middle) – Rise of the Divine Feminine

Leanne Pearce (right) – Breastfeed – Portraits with Purpose